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Financial Times
American Taxes Must Reconcile Equity and Austerity
August 18, 2011

Financial Times
Arab Spring Tests US-Saudi Relationship
June 16, 2011

China's Now Asia's #1 Economy
February 14, 2011

Financial Times
WikiLeaks Shows Out-of-Control US Secrecy
November 29, 2010

Financial Times
The Perils of America’s Pacific Presidency
November 14, 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek
A Test of U.S. Trade Clout with China
October 29, 2010

People's Daily
Clean Energy Cooperation Would be 'Win-Win'
October 8, 2010

Foreign Policy
Duke Energy CEO on What He's Learning from China
October 7, 2010

Charlotte Observer
U.S.-China Energy Trade Could be Win-Win
October 7, 2010

U.S. Warns China on Trade but Pushes Tighter Energy Ties
October 7, 2010

Financial Times
The Right Plan to Tackle America's Twin Crises
September 8, 2010

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