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November 01, 2011
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While most insiders on Capitol Hill thought the Energy Title would be eliminated from the 2012 Farm Bill, recent pressure from the Agriculture Committee and the USDA to identify and propose their own cuts to the Supercommittee may end up saving the Title and key energy programs. Today's GR Energy and Climate Brief provides insights into the future of the 2012 Farm Bill and the impacts the Supercommittee may have on its energy provisions.


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Facing the threat of having energy programs cut entirely from the Agriculture budget, the USDA, House Agriculture Committee, Senate Agriculture Committee and industry groups have come together to present a bipartisan proposal to the Supercommittee that would find $23 billion in savings in other programs. Though they are unlikely to be completely successful, what is clear that key players at USDA and in the House and Senate Agriculture Committees are not going to let go of energy programs without a fight. Bioenergy has been under assault throughout this Congress, but support may now be shored up by an intense lobbying effort and a willingness to offer cuts elsewhere. Today’s GR Energy and Climate Brief analyzes the effort to save energy programs as a component of Federal agriculture spending, and the impacts on future debates over the Farm Bill and funding for next generation fuels.

Source: Capitol Hill Sources

A Trade to Save Energy Programs: A draft proposal for spending cuts issued by House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) targeted $52 billion in agriculture cuts, 93% of which came from cutting all agricultural energy programs, including the $38 billion Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit and the $5.5 billion Renewable Biodiesel Tax Credit. The House and Senate Ag Committees have been the only committee to issue to the Supercommittee an alternate proposal for program cuts by finding $23 billion in total agriculture cuts over the next decade. While the exact composition of the cuts will not be known until tomorrow, a source close to the process told GR that the general parameters would be $4 billion cut from USDA conservation programs, $4 billion out of nutrition, and $15 billion out of commodities programs.

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